plansReal Estate Diagnostics, Inc. (REDI), is a real estate development, consulting and property management firm with over 50 years of combined experience. REDI provides custom development packages tailored to client needs, ranging from property rehabilitation to a full consulting, investment fundraising, construction compliance, development and property management service package. Headquartered in Guilford, CT, REDI has a long history of working with local housing authorities toward the creation of new and rehabilitation of affordable housing developments, working side by side with local and state government to provide safe, dignified and quality housing.

Offering the Following Special Services:

New and Rehabilitated Affordable Housing

Experience with funding from the State of CT Department of Housing, CT Housing Finance Authority, syndication investors for LIHTC and state housing tax credit projects and, private banks.

Leading development teams through planning and designing new buildings and sites to lease up and compliance reporting.


Construction Oversight and Management

REDI oversees and coordinates architectural, engineering, special inspections and reporting to all stakeholder parties.


Raising of equity and financing – ranging from tax credit syndication investors, state and federal funding and grants, energy rebates and traditional commercial financing.


REDI assesses, diagnoses, and redevelops existing properties to maximize their future usefulness and to client needs and goals.

Property Management Experience

LIHTC Properties

LIHTC Certified Property management

Elderly and Disabled Properties

Experience operating properties with a tenant population that ranges from elderly to the physically and mentally disabled.  New properties are developed to be 100% ADA convertible upon tenant needs.

Supportive Housing Special Needs Tenants

REDI has experience contracting and working with Supportive Housing partners to help with rehabilitation of homeless and drug abuse among the local population.